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A breathable solution for filling cracks, gaps and holes

Lincolnshire Lime conservation filler contains no plastics, resins or synthetic material - it is made purely from lime putty and chalk, creating a highly breathable filler which won't show through limewash.
Unlike common fillers, it reflects the same frequency of light as the material it is applied to, meaning it produces no 'shine through' or 'flashing'. 
This is a revolutionary product which is proving to be extremely popular.
For peace of mind, our conservation filler is made with only natural elements.

Applying our Conservation Filler:

-Remove any loose material from the surface you are repairing.

-Using a spray bottle, lightly moisten the area with clean water.

-With a credit card or a flexible scraper, apply a thin layer to the desired area. Ensure there are no gaps.

-Once the filler is starting to dry, wipe of any excess with a sponge - producing a smooth and flush repair

-For repairs above 2mm, repeat this process by building layers until the damage is filled

Conservation Filler is Ideal For:

-Filling cracks up to 2 mm in one single application  

-Stopping any gaps up to 5 mm with 2 - 3 applications 

-Using on lime-based plasters 

-Repairing gypsum, providing an almost invisible finish when repainted

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5 Stars

Gordon Prior-Wrawby

Great Stuff - Does exactly what it says on the tin (or should I say tub). Much cheaper than alternatives and the exact same stuff. Thanks

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